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I thought it would be clearly obvious that the 3 second and 2 second times are hacked.
I'll ask for any of the people with a sub 4 time to provide clear video evidence showing their keyboard and/or monitor.
until then it should be clear that these times are not legit.


id like to see clear video evidence.


Just to know are you using Mouse or keyboard to play ?


Keyboard, how would i use the mouse to play


Because you can use the mouse by clicking and it's work too, and there is a thing called Mouse Keys (On windows idk with MAC) which is using you Numbers keys of your keyboard as a Mouse , 12346789 is for the movement, 5 is for single click and + for double click. mashing 5 and + is like doing 3 clicks and just using the arrows is like 2 clicks, So it's faster.

I hope you understand what I said ^^

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Yes i am on windows, i still wanna see a video of you getting a sub 4 second time.


I'm gonna delete sub 4sec runs because cnsr said so.


In that case, you should ban the use of mouse keys or other similar programs which were used to achieve those times.

[edit] I should clarify that mouse keys is not a script, but a default program included in most computers.

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Yup If you don't know it's Ctrl + Alt + Lock Num On windows Idk with Mac


Some graphical user interfaces may not have the option of mousekeys.
Also Odessa, I dont think you shouldve deleted the runs withtout warning, i think you shouldve asked for video evidence of the runners getting a time >1 away from their current time, and given them a 1-2 week deadline.
I think from now on, depending on the time you get that more evidence should be required.

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So just because I leverage the super broken way the game is coded my run is removed and then you approve other sub 3 second runs?