Game Pigeon
LevelFirst place
8 Ball Pool Any%
9 ball Pool Any%
Anagrams Any%
Archery Any%
Basketball Any%
Checkers Any%
Chess Any%
Crazy 8 Any%
kttwong12/Sir Cumference
Cup Pong Any%
Darts Any%
Dots & Boxes Any%
Filler Any%
Four in a Row Any%
Gomoku Any%
Knockout Any%
Mancala (A) Any%
Mancala (C) Any%
Mini Golf (3) Any%
Mini Golf (5) Any%
Paintball Any%
Reversi Any%
Sea Battle Any%
Shuffle Board Any%
Tanks Any%
Word Bites Any%
Word Hunt Any%
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Mini Golf Fix

For Mini Golf 5 and 3 holes I have added a new system to get the lowest time in 1st place , There is now an hour counter this hour counter does not actually mean anything its just there so the "Highest" time can be there. The Mini golf High Score is whatever is the lowest score , Hope this makes se

2 years ago
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Level: Archery Any%
Level: Word Hunt Any%
Level: Word Bites Any%
Level: Anagrams Any%
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