is this game even run-able?
2 years ago
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the shooting game just keeps looping at faster speeds (which the run ends this game early), dj isnt really a game, the running/hurdles game seems okay, but maybe include the mashing of A button to raise the flag after you finish the level? (not done in the run) and ball just seems like a high score thing, (that wasnt done in the run) also not sure whats up with watching the credits for more than half the run. also the credits are very different from NA release to JP release.

just wanted to see if anyone out there has any ideas on a legit route as this might be a goofy fun game to do if it had an actual end game, but at the moment it just seems pretty random.

edit: what version of superboy/emulator is rather important i think due to the clocking difference of time with the super gameboy 1 vs the super gameboy 2

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Right now, the current rules for the game involve playing the shooting game and getting a score above 2000, playing the hurdles game and finishing the race with a time under 20 seconds, and then playing the credits. In Amipaso (アミパソ)'s run, these were the rules that they used to run the game, and Yuyukichi replicated those rules in their own run. You can see these rules in the "dialog" for Amipaso's run, where they explain those rulings in the voiceover and the subtitles. It's a bit arbitrary, but it's for a game that (primarily) doesn't truly have an end, plus it's to honor the history that the game used to be ran on before these boards came into existence. I'll update the rules to reflect these requirements, since they weren't really clear before.

I think the boards would make more sense to be split into three categories, a true full game category which includes the shooting game and hurdles game (like the current Any%), a category for just the shooting game, and a category for just the hurdles game. The ball and DJ games aren't part of full game nor should they have their own category, because they aren't really speedrunnable.

Regarding your concern about the NA release to the JP release, I timed the credits for both games and the NA version seems to be slower by only a few seconds, so I asked Yuyukichi to create a split in the boards for those versions.

Finally, I don't think there's a need to really specify the version of Super Game Boy being run on, because there aren't any runs that take advantage of the advantages that it might have, so a split isn't really necessary for distinguishing those versions until it becomes an actual issue. As long as the runs on hardware aren't significantly faster because of the clock speed, and as long as emulator runs use the stock clock speed, then I think it's fine.

I'll definitely talk to Yuyukichi about adding more categories for the shooting and hurdle games, as well as possibly updating the rules to be on credits select rather than on the "Be Happy" screen, as well as retiming the existing runs to that method, especially since it could eliminate the need for a region split. If you have any more concerns about the boards, as well as anyone else reading this post, feel free to let us know about it here!

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Connecticut, USA

thanks for the explanation, i appreciate it!

also wondering why all the times changed on the leaderboards


I updated the rules to be on credits select, so I also went ahead and retimed all of the runs currently on the board to fit that.

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