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We are taking it dead serious when it comes to runs that are sub 50 in game time for any% and sub 1:10 in game time for 100%.

From now on if your run meets that criteria you will be required to provide a video of the whole run from start to finish with out dying or reloading a save, Otherwise you will be rejected, Simple as that.
On top of that all 1% runs need video proof regardless of time.

Why we are doing this? It's because of how easy it is to fake a time on the end screen such as doing a segmented run or using a cheat device (for example ).

In short, Please provide video of the whole run if your run is sub 50 IGT for any% and sub 1:10 for 100% and all 1% runs need video proof.

We hope you understand this and not think we are being harsh.

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Also the runs that don't currently have video under those in game times are legacy times, times we know are legit.


JRP since when did you become the Fusion police?

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dang.. i need video proof of my 1:10


do we need video proof for segmented runs at all? and will 1% become obsolete now because of the new "easier" 0% strat?


I think segmented runs can be considered on a case by case basis since there are so few of them. Personally I would only need proof if the time was super low.

1% is technically obsolete but it will still exist as a category. People can run whatever they want!


I just did a 2:20 100% with the GBA version in my DS but haven't submitted it yet, would I need a video or could I use a picture I took with my phone of the end screen? (I'm new to this stuff)


We don't require proof for runs in that range, since it is not on emulator

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I use the MyBoy! emulator on my phone and use a Bluetooth gamepad. I read over the submission rules and forgive my lack of understanding, wondering if would I be able to submit any runs with the setup that I use? Or do I need to use BizHawk to submit a run that uses an emulator?


Yes, BizHawk is the only emulator allowed due to its accuracy

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