switch not acceptable hardware? how do i submit my run?
9 months ago
Michigan, USA

there is no choice for switch NSO for hardware how do i submit my run do i say i used an emu? or do i put GBA? or WII U VC? please help ASAP

East Riding of Yorkshire, England

switch isnt valid for the board just yet due to the difference in FPS from usual hardware, switch runs flat 60 while hardware runs at 59.728 which over the course of a run effects the rta time by 15/20 seconds depending on run length. it may be acceptable in future with FPS time conversion but thats something yet to be fully discussed. If possible look into setting up emulator for it, there should be a guide here somewhere(?). or it may be worth considering emu in future while in the meantime learning the game/run on switch version

Michigan, USA

but then the same could be said for using the jap version of the game cause of text that cuts 2 to 4 minutes from the run from what i heard and emulators are accepted for this game why not the switch idk man seems kinda silly when you see regional time differences just my imput though

Ohio, USA

Version differences and hardware differences are apples and oranges. Until the SRC team here has arranged a fair ruleset or conversion algo, please remain patient for a solution that is universally fair.

Michigan, USA

im not mad at all hope it doesnt seem like i am. just would be more sad then anything cause i tried hard lol