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Just a quick question, can a Inconsistant Map Marker between rooms be a sign for splicing or other tempering?


Yeah possibly. But I think that would only be the case if someone were trying to pass a segmented run (i.e. reloading the game from a save station) or if they were running back and forth through rooms trying to get the best patterns or strats in one go, and not if they were trying to pass off a TAS. I would say that it would probably be harder to look for map blinking inconsistencies than to listen for music cuts.

My assumption is that games where some icon inconsistencies matter for verification (known to me are super meat boy and clustertruck) are pc games where each level can be retried instantly without needing to lose significant progress.


Are you planning on splicing or other tampering?


Sorry for the late response Hercules, but no i dont plan on speedrunning ;:D
Ive just noticed this in a run i saw on YT and got curious.