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I noticed that for Any% it now says that all sub-50 runs need video proof. I don't quite have a convenient way to record my playing on my gba right now, so if I get a sub-50 time, may I just submit a video of the IGT and % being shown? I can certainly grab my camera and do that while the credits are rolling, but recording a whole run would be beyond inconvenient.


Sorry, the ending screen doesn't really constitute proof. Please consider investing in a game boy player!


It gets more strict the lower of a time you get. Hence why I cannot place my 46 on here without a video accompanying it.


I understand this, but can anyone seriously question the authenticity of a video of someone holding their gameboy with the time and percentage appearing on the screen during the video? Seeing this would certainly authenticate a run. What good does seeing the entire run do when there is no legitimate doubt that the run is real?
I don't think anyone on here is petty enough to submit a fake sub-50 run, and if people were that petty, they would submit fake runs above 50min all the time. In all the times I have submitted runs, their authenticity has not been questioned once. Theoretically, anyone who submits a 50+ run, whether it is real or not, can get verified.
I just don't see why a video of the entire run would be necessary when all doubt can be cleared by a video of the ending sequence (not a picture, but an actual video going from the end of the credits to the time and % being displayed on the screen). Some of us may not have the resources to buy more stuff so that we can record runs to satisfy the requirements on here, and we shouldn't have to.
It is unreasonable that I could submit a 50min run without question, but when I want to submit a 49, I all of a sudden need to produce a video of the entire run, when a video of just the time of that run and myself would be beyond sufficient.
I don't want to come off as ranting here, but I think this new requirement should be discussed. I understand that y'all probably don't take me very seriously because I haven't achieved the sub-50 time this is about, but I think the principle should be discussed before it becomes an issue.


Here's an extreme example of why the ending screen doesn't constitute proof:

In more practical terms, it could easily be taken from a segmented run, for example.

I understand it seems arbitrary to accept a 50 but not a 49, but it would be arbitrary wherever the line is drawn. I hope you don't think you're not being taken seriously, but in my opinion recording any good run should be a standard.


Okay, segmented runs never crossed my mind, so that makes sense.
I guess I think it should be looked at a little too much by trust rather than hardcore evidence. I hope to get a gameboy player like you suggested so that I can record runs, but it seems like a bad thing to spend money on for me right now, and it sucks that there's not really an alternative. I'm certainly not a hardcore gamer, so all this equipment is not nearly as commonplace for me as it is for those who are.
The loophole of segmented runs really renders my suggestion unusable, and I wish there were some better way to go about verifying runs, but I guess that for now, there just isn't.
Thanks for listening though, I'm glad to know my concerns can be heard when I have them.


I agree, it does suck. Personally I always try to encourage people to use console over emulator, but game boy players are getting more expensive all the time. The VC release is a good alternative for some people, but obviously only if you already own a wii u (and the controller options are inferior compared to GBP in my opinion).


Is it fine if I take a video via a camera or phone of my gba/ds?


I'm not a mod here, but I'm pretty sure that this is absolutely fine. There is only some sort of proof needed to confirm your time is not cheated in any way.


Yes, any video that includes the whole run is fine. Preferably one where you can make out samus on the screen though.


Is it fine to submit a run done on an emulator (I have vba 1.7.2) even if it lags a bit? I do have the gba game and I play it on my ds but I can't conveniently record it. With the emulator I can, but it tends to lag occasionally, especially when a lot is happening at once, but is it fine to submit the run even if that happens?


Emulator is fine but the real time gets discarded because of how inaccurate the emulator timing is, the in game time on emulator would still be allowed on the leaderboards.

For what emulator? I would recommend the tool assisted version of Visual Boy Advance which is available at , this version of vba fixes the lag. Use it until the new more accurate emulator is out.

If possible you should invest in some capture equipment and a gameboy player.


Ok thanks. I currently use the vba 1.7.2. Unfortunately, I don't really have the money to buy all the equipment for recording through a Gameboy player, though eventually I hope to, someday.