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Hey everybody, i was wondering how y'all are streaming fusion from the gba, so no emulator unless you know where to buy an f2a cable (for not too much money). I want to stream it too but i am too used to the gba sp controller.

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You can use a Game Boy Player for the GameCube.

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There might be a guide on SDA about this? Anyway, you will need the following:

GameBoy Player
The GBP start up disc (This can also be replaced with the GameBoy Interface. In that case you will need something to run Homebrew software on your Gamecube like a SD-Card Loader. I think a hacked Memory Card works too.)
TV (a CRT is recommendet since it has less input lag)
some sort of video splitter
capture card
controller (if you want to use you GBA SP, you will also need a GBA to GC connection cable)

a streaming software
an additional software to capture you video for better quality (This is optional. Most people use AmaRecTV.)
GameBoy Interface (recommendet but optional)

How to set up AmaRecTV:

Some ways to start homebrew on your GameCube:

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