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hi im new, i've been playing MF since i got 13y old, and now im trying to get into the speedruns world, the case is, that i upload a video on 100% items where there is mesured with Real time, and on video you can see the gaming time (metroid screen samus ending), but it was rejected cause i must submit the game on gaming time, anyone can help me how i do that, i mean how i put the program that i use for gaming time, im using livesplit and since im using and emulator i must use gaming time. ty and sorry if this thread is in wrong place.
BTW you guys are awesome with your runs 🙂


If you are playing on emulator, you can only submit your in game time (the time that comes up after the credits). If you are on console, you can submit your real time and your in game time. Either way, you must submit the in game time. Hope this helps 🙂


OK bro, but I put all 2 times on the video and description, so why is rejected? I must put the livesplit on gaming time mode or something?


So I must put the livesplit on game time mode or only I need the video where it appears all process and ending credits screen with Samus % and game time?


When you submit your run, you have to give your IGT anyway, mods won't do it for you. So yes be sure to wait for the in game time to show at the end of your video (when you have the ending screen with "Clear Time" + "Your rate for collecting items is" + "See you next mission") and to submit your IGT in the spot provided for that purpose --->
Don't worry about the "Time" section since it's only for Real time and RTA isn't accepted on emulator.
Also remember, as written in the Rules section : "Runs must start from a visible Hard or Soft Reset to be considered valid. Any use of save states or other emulator functions after the reset and before the In Game Time is displayed at the end of the credits invalidates the run."
If you respect all of this then your submission should be accepted without troubles.


Wow oookay now I understand fine, so I can stream a run with livesplit with real time for my personal purposes, but for submit here I only need a proof of a hard reset, the run, the final ending screen with in-game time, and when I submit put only in game time and leave on void real time, ty a lot for the info ? this night I'm gonna try again with all rules on table