Character upgrades allowed ?
3 years ago
Midi-Pyrénées, France

Hi, I like this game and I have a speedrun question, Are we allowed to get as much upgrades as we want ? (like reload time etc) I found nothing about this on game rules. Do we need to downgrade everything before a run ?

Thanks for having added this game !


Heya! You can join the Discord to chat with us in the Speedrun room. It's easier there.

To answer you question: In every category except "Fresh File" you can have as many upgrades as you want. Further, on easy mode you can adjust the "Easy Mode Settings" to be in your favour (extra player health, lower enemy health, lower enemy damage, etc...)

On "Fresh File" you need to back up your save files and reset your progress. I don't suggest doing any runs for that category since we're likely going to delete it soon - the category isn't as good as we expected.

I hope that helps! See you in the Discord!

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