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Wondering what the categories should be since there is a speedrun mode in thee game and then if any% should be starting a new game on a certain difficulty and including the walking around and such until you beat the snow girl and then what category would include the face boss on the ship. Either add me as mod or on steam BnH247


I'd suggest 3 main categories for Furi Mode (including the walking), Furier Mode (also including it), and the already added Speedrun Mode.

For the individual bosses adding both Furi and Furier categories for each one would also work too.

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Honestly, I'm not sure if a full-game Furi Mode (with walking) would be that great of a thing because it's pretty much the same as the speedrun mode but with extra fluff. Furier Mode could certainly be a thing, but would also become obsolete if the devs decide to add it as an option in the speedrun mode.

On the main Discord ( there's been a request for a true any% (story mode until you stay with Song) and for a low-hit (where hits > time, might be hard to implement here)

So right now I'm gonna try and do these first, working on layout etc. too now, hop on the Discord and we can chat about such such-such's


Why are there runs without videos?

Please, I highly urge you to not accept a run without a video, Mirror's Edge and a few other games had crazy dash times because people were cheating and using programs to slow down the timer however much they wanted, I was highly surprised by seeing a few runs accepted when it's only a minutes at a time to begin with lol (unless they are uploading to youtube or something). Not saying anyone is currently cheating but to prevent future mishaps please make this happen.


Whoops, realized that I submitted an Edge IL run with real-time as well as in-game.Sorry about that


I have another idea I'd like to bring forward.
Since we don't know if Gamebakers will be releasing a Furier speedrun mode, why don't we make a leaderboard based on that. It would have to be a single segment in practice mode, with a requirement of wsplit (or something similar) running to show the total real time, and then addition of the boss times for IGT. It would be a little harder to moderate, but I think it would add an additional challenge for the community.


Hola, a mi me gustaria opinar algo y es sobre la categoria Any% si se deberia tomar en cuenta los tiempos de carga ya que me e dado cuenta que en consola son un poco mas largos estos.

Hello, I would like to comment on something and it is about the category Any% if I should already take into account the load times since I realized that in console are a little longer these