EZScape's Fullmetal Alchemist 3 Item Route
EZScape's Fullmetal Alchemist 3 Item Route
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Rogue = A Rank Leonid (Sophie for Heart of Spear) Bronze Vest (Sophie for Silver Vest) String Anklet Heat Cloak Oni Pants (Sophie for Heart of Warrior) Bulletproof Vest (Sophie for BPV S) Charm of Renewal Field Ration Lion Mask (Sophie for Heart of Sword) Gold Earring Sexy Gloves = A Rank Venus Chimera Fang (To Sophie for Backwater Bracelet) Shrivelled Trousers & Flabby Stomach Band Giant's Loincloth (To sophie for heart of messenger) Edge Earring Charm of Renewal #2 Heart of the Samurai

Church 1

Rogue -> Heart of Lance

--Level up on train

*Spend bonus points -Ed String Anklet Heart of Lance

-Al Lead Earring (keep on) Lead Bangle

--After Janice

-Ed Oni Pants Heart of Lance

--After Goons

*Spend bonus points -Ed Oni Pants (Keep equipped) String Anklet (or Pretty Boots = A Rank Janice)

Church 2 Bronze Vest -> Silver Vest Bulletproof Vest - Bulletproof Vest S Heat Cloak -> Heat Cloak S Oni Pants -> Heart of Warrior

--Before Godo 2

-Ed Heart of Lance Watch

--Before Leonid 2

*Spend bonus points -Ed Heart of Lance (Keep equipped) Heart of Warrior

--Before Venus

-Ed Gold Earring Watch

--After Steel Choker

-Ed Bulletproof Vest S Heat Cloak S

-Al Steel Choker Silver Vest

Church 3 Loincloth -> Heart of Weapon Chimera Fang -> Backwater Bracelet Lion Mask -> Heart of Sword

--After Church 3

-Ed Bulletproof Vest S Heat Cloak S

--Before Venus 3

Use all Elixirs -Ed Heart of Weapon Heat Cloak S (keep equipped)

--Before Entering Velza Tower

-Al Gold Earring Pretty Gloves

-Ed Silver Vest Steel Choker

--After Janice

-Ed Steel Choker Silver Vest

--Selection Room 2

-Ed Heart of Weapon Silver Vest (Keep equipped)

--Before Sergius 2

Spend all bonus points -Ed Heart of Sword Heart of Warrior

--After Sergius 2

-Ed Ice Crest Silver Vest

--After Velza Sophie

-Ed Heart of Samurai Silver Vest (Keep equipped)

(Order of heart items) 1 Sword 2 Spear 3 Weapon 4 Warrior 5 Samurai

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