Forward to The Sky Speedrun Setup
Forward to The Sky Speedrun Setup
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There's a few things that need to be sorted out before you can actually PLAY the video game.

In order to do the main method of moving fast in the video game, you need to set "Left Shift" to both "Attack 2" and "Dodge."( ) This allows you to dash and flip at the same time, so that you go in the direction of the movement key you press. In addition, you can dash using the right mouse button and then press shift to go faster and traverse greater distances.

Here's a demonstration of the movement mechanics:

Also, The "Z" key seems to be some sort of debug sprint key not included in the options menu. When you hold the "Z" key and a movement key, you move much faster than normal. You can mimic the sprint function without holding "Z" by using the azerty keyboard layout and binding "Forward" to "Z," and "Left" to "Q" . This allows you to move much faster with just the default, "wasd," movement keys. Although it isn't necessary, using the azery layout is more comfy than holding "Z" for the entire run.

Reference pics for toggling keyboard language: Demonstration of the fast thing:

That's basically all here is to setting up the video game for speedplay. I'd recommend watching world record to learn the sick speed gaming strategies.

Good luck, and never, EVER, forget to support your speedfriends. LilZ

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