Any% != Any Percent?
4 years ago
Washington, USA

Why can you not use Shift+V in the Any% run?

Wouldn't it be more proper to call it an Any% (No Skip) run?

The Shift+V "trick" is programmed into the game, it's not some external tool or weird gameplay trick - it's part of the game and I think it should be included in the Any% runs; the goal is to beat the game as fast as possible using ANY means necessary.

Shift-V is a means that's programmed into the game, I think it should be allowed.

Lower Saxony, Germany

ich just found a manual of the game

in the thread there is no shortcut told. And in other games there are similar shortcuts, i guess this comes not from the game. The Shortcut shift+V could be from ScummVM So it is not in the game, it is in the emulator. I hope this helps.

I think it would be nice if we get the category with shift+v , but not same leaderboard like any%

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You can try it on dosbox and if it doesn't work on that, then it is added to scummvm.

I've checked these Full Throttle materials to see if they mention Shift+V / Shift+W input combinations:

  1. Full Throttle manual for original American release (1994)
  2. Full Throttle Reference Card for original American release (1994)
  3. Full Throttle Troubleshooting Hints for original American release (1994)
  4. Full Throttle The Mini Official Player's Guide by Jo Ashburn (bundled with American Special Edition) (1994)
  5. Full Throttle Official Player's Guide by Jo Ashburn (1995)
  6. Full Throttle manual for American re-release (2001)
  7. Full Throttle digital manual pubslished with British 2.0 re-release (2002)

(2) and (6) mention Esc button to skip cutscenes. (5) mention Esc button to cycles between junctions in Mine Rd. segment. No mention of the combinations. Probably a debugging leftover?

Also checked the original MS-DOS game build using DOSBox 0.74 and the combinations do work there too.

I'm not opposed to using the Shift+V combination in a dedicated category. In order to be consistent with Full Throttle Remastered leaderboards, I'll add Cheat% category.

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