I always thought Jason couldn't take damage when he starts running, but I guess that's wrong
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The 2:22 TAS, I counted 31 hits on day 1, 30 hits on day 2, 31 hits on day 3, but I wasn't counting Jason running hits. I wondered how this was possible, and once I did count the hits as Jason begins to run away, sure enough they are doing damage. Day 1 has 1 running hit, day 2 has 2, day 3 has 1.

I was always under the impression it does no damage once he starts running and I'm pretty sure I read somewhere a long time ago that he doesn't either, so maybe it's only the very frame he begins running? I'm fairly sure at least that well after he begins running he won't take damage, I think I've noticed this before.

Looking closer, it seems that these hits are taking place 1 frame before he actually starts running, so they're getting in the hit just as he turns but before he actually starts running. So with that being the case, I suppose he can only take damage the very frame he turns and before he's running?

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Hmm I don't remember where I'd read that, possibly in the notes of a very old TAS but it was wrong, he'll take damage even after he starts running. The TAS just had no reason to throw at him beyond right when he turned around. Knowing this will be very helpful in the future, I always just didn't throw when he turned around because I thought it didn't count.

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He can take damage when he’s running, it’s just really hard to time with the torch unless you’re using Crissy. I usually listen for and count up the times it makes the damage sound, that way I know whether or not I have to try forcing a 3 cycle.

Hopefully that helps take a chunk off your times!