Funny finding in a "200 in 1 arcade portable" from Walmart
10 months ago
United States

This thing is so full of utterly unplayable games it makes action 52 look good. There's some actual OK arcade ports to the NES on here but otherwise it's all some serious homebrew trash that will assault your ears. Look up Egg Contest and you'll see what I mean...

But what stood out? Friday the 13th is on here! I have no clue why, and you can't really reset the game so it hasn't been practical to get back into practicing but it's on there and has helped me sort of get back into it. Been attempting to optimize stone only, although it's really a pain.

United States

That's awesome! I think PGH has an arcade cabinet that has Friday on it, but I could be wrong about that.

From what I've been able to find for Low%, the optimal seed is thankfully common, so the resets aren't as bad as Any% or Pamela Powerups, which is nice!