Interested in speedrunning
6 years ago

I'm interested in speed running freelancer I was wondering how you get freelancer to be stable on a modern computer. I have windows 10 and haven't found a solution that doesn't have random crashes during a playthrough.


I'm running on Windows 7 and didn't really change anything, not even compatibility mode.

I used to have crashes and insane high RAM usage when having the game open for a long time, but I assume that was due to NVidia ShadowPlay since it didn't happen to me since I turned it off. The same might apply to similar software — I recall there is some Xbox DVR service in W10, maybe that one is a fault?

If it's not that then I'm kinda clueless. The standard procedure would be updating drivers and so on. There is also a log file under <yourProfile>\AppData\Local\Freelancer\flspew.txt, but I doubt it to contain useful information.

Besides that I added my GPU to the flconfigdatabase.txt, but that should only get rid of the "no suitable 3D device found" message and maybe speedup the startup of the game. If you want to try that, open the file, find your GPU vendor and add your GPU's device ID to the list. You can find the ID when you "Save All Information" in DXdiag.

I hope something of these things help.

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