New domain!
9 years ago

That's right, SpeedRunRecords is no more. I managed to get for $3,500 :D

I also added URL abbreviations for games. For example: =>

I hope everybody doesn't mind logging in again (it's the cost of changing domain). I also added a reset password option in case anybody's forgotten.

More updates soon (y)

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Kreygasm Kreygasm


Wow, $3,5K is a huge price!


Wow Pac you really put a lot of time and money in this man.. but it's really cool! The site is shaping up really fast and more and more people are coming :)

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oh my god dude Pac nice

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Good lord, ggwp

Hampshire, England

$3.5k? Jesus man, I really hope this site gets bigger and takes off for you with that kind of investment I wonder how many people just go to "" wondering what it is

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Gelderland, Netherlands

Pac when are internet advertisements for the site? kappaDisco


Holy smokes, nice going, Pac!


holy Jesus Pac :O

Norfolk, England
He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
9 years ago

So what bank did you rob? Kappa

Gelderland, Netherlands

@zoton2 or Casino kappaDisco

Lanark, Scotland

Aww, our little Pac is all growed up, got his own site and everything BibleThump 7

Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Crazy man, Crazy. Major props.


Crazy yet cool. Nice. HassanChop

Norfolk, England
He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
9 years ago

Thank you Frosty for breaking the thread width Kappa

Skaraborg, Sweden

Good stuff! I could probably be one of the moderators for the Classic Mario leaderboards, if you want one that is!



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Hesse, Germany

you are a god DatSheffy /