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9 years ago
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ADMIN UPDATE 4/14/2021: With the release of the Support Hub, all bug reports should now be submitted here -

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Right here is fine.

But if it's about a security vulnerability, you should probably tell me privately (IRC, Twitch, e-mail).

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OK I sent you a PM on Twitch.


I'm not sure exactly how this happened, but I got this situation

Notice that it displays No Levels Early as being the currently shown category, but actually shows the any% leaderboard.

What I did:

  1. Load up the DK64 page using the url
  2. Click on No Levels Early, at which point I saw the correct times for long enough to get the info I wanted
  3. Click on my skype window on the taskbar, type stuff for a short time
  4. Noticed that it was displaying the any% leaderboard.

Edit: I believe I found what caused it. If it is still loading a leaderboard (Any%, the default one, in this case) and you click a different category, the first leaderboard will keep loading. If the category you clicked loads faster than the first one, it will first load that category's leaderboard, then when the first one is finished loading, it will replace it with the original leaderboard, while still having the category you clicked shown as selected.

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I had the same problem while watching the Super Meat Boy leaderboards, using the same method as what you described. This is definitely a problem linked to the size of the leaderboards : when they're really heavy it takes a lot of time to load.

Bavaria, Germany

Yeah, the same way the Show Rules button can be bugged out too. It wasn't noticeable on the smaller leaderboards since they loaded fast enough, but it's a problem on the bigger ones. Other than that we need to look into improving speed, this is also something to look into. I'll put it on the to-do list.

I'm getting this message whenever I try to add a game to a series:

It still lets me add the game though.

Bavaria, Germany

Fixed, thanks for reporting it.

New York City, NY, USA

Hi, I was submitting 2 player IL's and noticed that it only displays one of the partners' names on the level leaderboards list.

I believe in the rightmost column it would make sense to show both names. Thanks!

California, USA

Looks like the Super Smash Brothers Melee leaderboards/forums are down. Not sure if it's for maintenance or something. Here's what I get when I try the normal game url.

Brawl/64/U all show up in the games list as well as the forum, while Melee is absent. Thought I'd let someone know.

California, USA

When I tried to edit my profile theme it keeps going back to my original background and foreground no matter the picture I use.


There's a pretty old thread in the Digimon World 3 forums :P


Matching a run with a username doesn't work anymore. It works for a moment, but when you visit the page again, it stays unmatched.

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I am having issues editing my profile. Whenever I try to change anything in my profile theme, it does not apply.

United States

When clicking a direct link to a misc category, (i.e. ) the Hide/Show Misc categories toggle is backwards. Hide for Show and Show for Hide. :p

It appears that custom themes are getting corrupted for me.



Just wanted to report a bug where in the api_leaderboards.php with amount=x will return a lot of players in categories with single letters that doesn't exist.

It seems to be only unregistrated users.

For example: lists categories like "P", "N", "l" and even an empty field.

Thanks for site and actually having an API. :)

Bavaria, Germany

[quote=Arnethegreat] ... [/quote] Thanks for letting us know. The multicoop update which will be done soon will have this fixed.

(The update will also fix several other bugs such as only one name showing up on the level leaderboard for coop runs.)

Illinois, USA

Having trouble editing one of my runs. I mistakenly submitted the date as 2013 instead of 2014 on my Descent Trainee Any% run, and though it claims to save my edits, it never actually does.

Bavaria, Germany

Fixed, thanks.