Username Change Requests / Account Deletions
8 years ago
United States

EDIT: You can now change your username or delete your account by yourself, in "Settings".

This is the thread to request them. Admins handle these currently. They are processed in forum post order, typically about once a week.

Note: It is much easier to change your account name than it is to move your stuff to a new account after you create it.

Names are case sensitive. Spaces aren't allowed. Maximum is 20 characters. Accepts letters, digits, extended Latin letters, dashes, periods or underscores, without spaces.

Usernames of other users whose names are wanted won't be deleted unless the account has no posts/runs and has been inactive for over a year.

Side note: If you're confused on your next login after posting here, it's probably because your name was changed.

This isn't meant to be used regularly, we're not going to change your name every other day for you.

Deletion requests can also be handled privately through my Twitch PMs. The Twitch account PMing MUST be the same Twitch account linked to your account here at the site.

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Île-de-France, France

Hello :)

Can you change mine for KingYoghurt ?

Thanks a lot

Virginia, USA

Can you change mine to VB? That's what I go by now. Thanks.

United States

Can we capitalize the "C" in my name pls? Thanks <3

United States

Could someone change my name to HardstyleFox please?

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Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Could you change mine to Bosz?

Getting really sick of the 123, wish i could change the twitch name too OpieOP

United States

Can mine be changed to "Hardrocker" instead of "hardrocker2121". If so, thank you!

Can my name be changed to guywith? Guy is kind of wearing on me.

Also if possible can be redirected my profile after the name change is done?


California, USA

Could I have my name as "Gamefandan" instead of "gamefandan" please? Thank you.


Guy, Josh, gamefandan : This will be done as soon as an admin checks it. Usually kirkq manages these requests but he's unavailable for a few days.

Bavaria, Germany


[quote] Also if possible can be redirected my profile after the name change is done? [/quote] Sorry, I can't really do that.

Stockholm, Sweden

Is it possible to change my name from martinforslund_ to MartinForslund? It is my twitch name and youtube nick. I tried to have MartinForslund as my nick in the beginning but I didn't get any confirmation email and said after that it was already taken. Thanks if it is possible :)

French Southern Territories

Could you please capitalize my P letter and my first S letter like this : "PackSciences" ? Thanks



I'd like my name changed to Scarf, please. :)

Thank you very much in advance.

United States

Could you please change my name to "Walkers"? Thanks.

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Virginia, USA

Hey, can my name be changed to "domz" ? Thanks.

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Yo lads. Can I have a cheeky name change to just 'Len' please?


Oh, I forgot to add, if possible, can you redirect "LennonPlays" to the new "Len" profile? LennonPlays is my twitch name, I just prefer the name Len.

Gelderland, Netherlands

your name will change so lennonplays will stop to exist on this site with all data carried over to len automaticly.


Oh, okay @Trollbear666 - thanks.