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Oh. Messages don't work. That woulda been good information beforehand.

1. (Um... Nightmare BB is better than Jack-O-Chica, like really no matter what... same goes with another example like how Springtrap is just better than RXQ... like really no denying it.) I'm aware that some characters are better than others, but some characters are better in certain situations. For example, Nightmare Freddy is a garbage character on his own, but he is vital to have in a party, as he can use a debuff move.

2. (Most speedgames don't have RNG!) Any Zelda game, any Mario game, any... game. Actually. There are SEVERAL games that have RNG. I honestly thought that would be obvious. It's a huge part of any run. If you need more examples, just look at the original FNaF franchise. RNG galore.

3. (seriously?) Yep.

4. (Why wouldn't you get it in the first place?) This was just an example. A basic one, but an example nonetheless.

5. (Well i'm not "used" to RNG speedgames.) T h e n g e t u s e d t o i t

6. (Seriously?!? I actually have speedran more games than just this one! and none of them are even RNG at all, one of them has a little bit of RNG, but it's not based around it.) If by, "more games" you mean "Papa Louie 2:When Burgers Attack!", then I really don't think you've dabbled much in speedrunning the usual game. If you've watched other runs, that's a different story, but you would have seen how much luck is a factor in speedrunning.

7. (If you play an actual speedgame, like any Crash Bandicoot platformer, you'll see how there isn't any RNG, and it's nothing but pure skill... and that's how must games are. Pure SKILL, not RNG.) Yeah. That's Crash Bandicoot. This is FNaF World. They are completely different beasts.

Now that my 11 at night, tired rages are over, I'm going to bed XD. Sorry if I sounded a bit crabby. Not feelin' the best atm. Can't wait to hear your response ;D

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I don't want to poke myself into this argument in the wrong way, but I'm going to be the splitter here and say that there is absolutely no reason for an argument like this to be in a public forum on a public speedgame.

Also, to add to the situation, I am on both sides of the story. I agree with puppyguy9, but I also agree with GarlicBox. They both have really strong arguments but now it's getting too far and I think we should stop. If you two continue to argue, either do it in DMs, or at least somewhere private, not somewhere that people we don't even know use this website for whatever reason it may be.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.


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Yeah. There's no point in arguing. There is nothing to argue about. Frankly, I'm surprised it has come this far. But, complaining isn't needed here either. There's skill in this game. The skill comes in persistence and reaction time. And if you have a problem with that, then, I repeat, do not speedrun this game. But if you can handle the RNG, then welcome aboard. Because RNG is a part of speedrunning. So don't make an entire forum post for the world to see, complaining about it.

And, for future reference, I would recommend respecting moderators in the forums. Happy running ;D


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