Game Downloads

Steam Download Guide: --------------------- 1) -- Make sure Steam is open --------------- 2) -- Press Windows + R keys ----------------- 3) -- Insert this line "steam://install/427920" 4) -- Accept the download --------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the official latest patch FNaF World downloads available from both GameJolt and Steam. (external link)

By Scott Cawthon


Full Save File

Save to get all trophies, items, etc.. This is my 157% save. So if you lose your progress, then feel free to use this. (direct download)

By puppyguy9


4th Glitch Splits

Hey 4th glitch splits neat (direct download)

By puppyguy9

Foxy Fighters Splits

Foxy Fighters Splits from my 4:07 run. Enjoy! (direct download)

By puppyguy9