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Huh, very interesting that there's an actual 2D World aspect to the game, Hmmmmm... I guess I'll check it out today and see if it's gonna be really good to do runs on that, this might get me back into high spirits since I'm just really down on motivation cause of my terrible computer equipment and I don't know if I'll recover the Vista but I'll see if I can fix it once I feel like messing with my set up since it's a headache to deal with but if this game does have high hopes for me then I'll feel a bit better about running the game, it's gonna be difficult to split however cause I might have to use my phone but then again I haven't tested if WSplit will run on the Win XP for it to not force a computer restart so I've just been a bit of a mess right now but I'll check it out since it seems interesting just from the times for all 3 categories I've seen so far.