New category idea
2 years ago
United Kingdom

Chica% Monty% Roxy%

First die to the specific animatronic Decommission the specific animatronic And the die to its decommissioned form Timer starts when Freddy battery reaches two bars And end when you die to it’s decommissioned form and all objectives have been done

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Saudi Arabia

I like this idea

South Australia, Australia

Cool idea, but we'll have to see how the new Extension Categories go first. I'll keep this in mind if we need more ideas.

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Victoria, Australia
He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

i like the idea call Twelve% i made it up and you have get to 12AM as fast as you can!!

Ottawa, ON, Canada
He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

Yes this would be very cool