Balloon Barrel Money Glitch
4 months ago
United States

I've seen the glitch done in many speedruns (especially Perfect Restaurant), where you start the game, buy the barrel, and while you're opening the catalog you place the barrel, then close the catalog, remove the barrel, then start the night. After the night's done, you get money ranging in the thousands. I can't recreate this glitch on my end. Are there any requirements for it?

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Oregon, USA

There's a chance you're placing the barrel down to quickly after clicking on the catalog. When doing the glitch you wanna click the barrel when the entire thing has already faded out. If you'll go into it thinking about it that way, you should be able to practice it and find a timing window for it pretty easily. Removing it just requires you to be pretty fast and precise. You just need to make sure you don't end up gaining any faz rating from the barrel. If you have any more questions feel free to post another message in this thread.

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United States

Thank you for responding! In my attempts since posting this I've found that just redoing it until I have -1 ENT works best. I'm still working on my timing to get it down to one try.

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She/Her, They/Them
2 months ago

How does this glitch works?? (like, in the code)