Why do you have to do each challenge individually for 100%?
2 years ago
Hertfordshire, England

Correct me if I’m wrong, but to 100% a game, you just have to unlock all the unlockables. In FNaF 4, there are 10 unlockable stars, 6 of which come from the challenges that can be unlocked real quick just by doing the combined challenges. Having to do each challenge individually just seems like a really dumb way of slowing down our speedruns.

Edit: After a bit of research, I’m not 100% on this now. Do we actually have to do each challenge or can we just skip that and do them combined?

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Wait, where did you get an information like that? Of course it would have been really dumb to only be allowed doing one challenge at a time (considering the fact there are two stars that actually require combination). In that case, my 100% run is officially dead. Speaking of which, any mods have any idea when it's gonna be verified or at least rejected? It's been over a month since I've submitted it, or it's common for people to wait that long in here?

Hertfordshire, England

Don’t worry, it’s been cleared up. You don’t have to do each challenge individually.

As for your speedrun, it could take a while. My FNaF 4 runs took 3 months to get verified.

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