Game Mechanics, No right vent trick.

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= Animatronics Behaviour and how to deal with them:
- Old Animatronics.
Freddy: Coming from front side.
Chica: Coming from right vent.
Bonnie: Coming from left vent.
Foxy: Coming from front side. Helm won't fool him.
How to deal: flash them with light will reset their postition (100% work with foxy. others, maybe)
Use your helm immediately if any of them enter the room. You have 0.5 seconds

- New Animatronics.
Toy Freddy: Coming from front side
Toy Chica: Coming from left side. If she appears in front side, just ignore her, she won't attack you.
Toy Bonnie: Coming from right side.
How to deal: Just use helm if they appear in one of the vent or in front of you (toy freddy)

- "Special" Animatronics.
Balloon Boy: Will jam your flashlights and vent lights. If you see him in left vent. use helm and wait for about 5 seconds. He'll gone (tested on night 5) If you open the monitor. He'll sneak inside (sometimes under your desk) and other animatronics will be more aggressive.
The Mangle: If (s)he appear on front side, it's harmless. If (s)he appears on the right vent. use your helm, if you open the monitor, (s)he'll enter the room. Making other animatronics more aggressive. If you still don't die, (s)he'll jump scare you. (helm will not work once (s)he gets in.)

Puppet/Marionette: Keep the music box playing by winding it from your monitor. if you fail to do so, (s)he will appear from inside the prize box and jumps to your room. Once (s)he leaves his/her box, even if you wind it up again, it won't work.

Golden Freddy: Credits for xxProClassGamerxx
If he appears in your office. Use your helm Immediately. if you flash the hallway before you use helm, you'll die. After you use your helm and he disappear, immediately flash the hallway to reset Foxy's jump scare counter, and continue your rhythm...
If he appears in your office, and you use your helm, you can immediately open your helm again. You don't have to wait until he completely dissapear.
If he appears in the hallway. Don't flash him again and don't use your helm. Instead bring the camera up and wind the music box. If you flash him again, you'll die. If you use helm, you'll die.

Strategy use:
flash hallway, left air vent, flash hallway, right air vent, open monitor, wind up, close monitor and immediately use helm. open if no one's there. repeat.


No Right air-vent Strategy

Note: This stategy WON'T WORK IN MOBILE VERSION. As mangle has no static sound.
My new strategy is this:
Left air vent, flash hallway, bring up camera and wind the music box to full (or atleast 3/4 full. read below), close and immediately use helm, wait for 2 seconds, open your helm, repeat.

Different from other strategies, I don't check the right air vent. why?
Only 2 animatronics there. toy bonnie, and mangle.

Mangle is actually pretty easy to deal. if (s)he's on the right air vent, you can hear the static. just use your helm and wait until the static gone.
For Toy bonnie, you can trigger his 'fail attack' by using helm when he appears in right air vent. If you accidentally open the camera, you still can close it and use the helm. You'll be safe. That's why I stay inside the helm for about 1-2 seconds. Waiting for bonnie to trigger. If nothing happens, no one is in the right air vent.

Other tips:
Flash hallway only once! Foxy only need one flash to reset his jump scare counter. If you flash more than once, and Golden Freddy appears instead of foxy, You'll die.

Sometimes the flashlight jammed, Which is you'll be vulnerable to Foxy's attack.
What you have to do is: Don't wait for it to work again. instead, continue your rhythm by winding the music box. but just a little. (1/4 is enough I think) If you wind too much, when you lower the monitor and an animatronics attacks, you can't reset Foxy's counter, and die.

If it's still jammed while you do this. just open your helm and mash your ctrl key to light hallway as soon as possible. Don't wind up the music box right now. it's dangerous. and don't use "flashlight and helm glitch" because it drains up your battery power.

If foxy is seen in the hallway. Don't wind the music box to full. Fill it only about to 1/2 to 2/3 full because you have to reset his jump scare counter. If he's not in the hallway, you can wind it full.

"Uh, just as a side note though, try to avoid eye contact with any of the animatronics tonight if you can." -Phone guy, night 4.

If you 'Avoid eye contact' as the phone guy said. even if you late to use your mask (e.g. the animatronics force you to pull down the monitor) There's a chance that you won't die. That's why I always look to the left. All animatronics' face can't be seen if you always look to the left. which is "Avoid eye contact"