[ANNOUNCEMENT] Completely rewritten rules!
2 years ago
Colorado, USA

Hey, everyone!

I am VERY proud to announce that, after almost 6 months... We've finally managed to do something that should have only taken 2 weeks. hahaha

The rules have been rewritten again, this time for good. Every run currently on the leaderboards has already been retimed to fit these rules. Let's just quickly go over the changes.

First of all, legacy versions of the game, REGARDLESS of platform, have been removed. After a bit of testing, we've deduced that night lengths actually vary by a few seconds depending on computing power. We decided to remove these earlier versions.

Second, runs have once again been split across all platforms. The night lengths on Mobile are actually much different than they are on PC and Console. PC & Console night lengths are basically the same (Bar a few frames), but given that the input device is so vastly different between the two platforms, and we were already splitting up Mobile, we decided to make them separate.

Third, loading times have been removed... But in a different way. Before, we tried to meticulously remove every single loading zone from runs, including "micro-loads" that occur in-between areas (Office to 6AM, 6AM to 12AM, 6AM to check, etc..). However, that seemed like WAY too much effort, and it would only make up for a handful of frames across the entire run (This was the main reason this project took so long.). However, if you DO want to remove those micro-loads...

Fourth! Autosplitters! They're here, and they're AWESOME. Special thanks to @Bruh_without_a_f for making them. If you're on PC, I can't recommend that you use them enough. They make running easier, they make verifying easier, they're great. You can find them in the "Resources" tab. If you have trouble installing them, try asking for help on the Discord.

Other than that, there were some smaller changes. You need to start your game from a fresh save file now (You can find a completed save file in Resources.), the rules have been completely reformatted... Yeah. That's it.

That's basically the last change these boards will see for a while. Until then... Happy running!

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Hertfordshire, England

Glad to see a somewhat major change to the rules

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