How does Koatal battery dash do it?
2 years ago

I tried the method I got from other places—bring the battery to the wall and quickly press the Dash key+throw key, but I found that this method has a low success rate, and it is easy to cause the battery to generate glitch and make it impossible to grab. I found that Koatal's method is different from mine, and the success rate of Koatal's method is very high. Maybe it is because I practice too little, but I think it would be good if there are other methods for me to choose to practice! grateful!


So you can do battery glitch like:

  1. Take battery, stand close to the wall (you should face the wall).
  2. Drop the battery, you should now be "inside" battery hitbox.
  3. Keep moving in the direction of the wall then press Grab then Jump (with a little delay, like fraction of a second).
  4. Profit!
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I do exactly what Glcoder said. If it helps here is exactly what i press: -hold toward the wall while inside the battery -Press B, A, B sequentially. No need to try to press all that at one time. (B is grab and A is jump)

Also to note i do have a button input on the bottom right part of the screen next to the timer

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Holding against the wall and B, A, B really made the trick work consistently for me as well. Good luck learning the run! I just learned this trick today myself.

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