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So, the rules still say "in sequence"...

Also, would "All Stages" as a category name make more sense than "100%"? Just throwing that out there.

Might do some runs of this in between my Bible Buffet RNG fest runs LUL


Bible Buffet... ugh.

i thought someone had changed the rules already. i am just a "verifier" so i can't make edits.


I forgot to change this for like the 40th time now, if you guys want to modify the rules by all means...

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I didn't realize I was added as a moderator. I changed the category rules to read "order doesn't matter". HAVE AT IT!


This would need a slightly more clear definition, still says when the player is promoted to Chief. That only happens after level 4 though. Perhaps just when you get to the promotion screen?

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Yes, correct. Sorry didn't see that detail. I'll change that.


Well then, I expect to see a sudden surge of FPFR. (insert eyes emoji)


I tried about 20 more runs with stage 4 start....never made it past that stage on PB pace. It's still going to be a challenge to get under even 12:30 I think.

I can only stand the unskippable intro for so long...haha.

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i'll get back into it sooner or later.

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