Possible Discovery with the Flushex Unit.
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So I figured out what happened here I think. As far as I can tell, no one else has made this discovery yet.

During a recent stream, I was experimenting with meat drops in FF Legend III speedrunning. I did not get the monster I wanted at first, so I went to the talon to use the flushex. This is supposed to change monsters and beasts to humans, but it turns out, that if you are a monster class, it might turn you into a beast instead of a human first! I have to do some more testing, but the important part of this is, once you have the flushex, you may be able to save a ton of time and RNG by using it to transform into the ideal beast evolution for the speedrun, which is Air type.

This opens up several more possibilities and increases your chances for a successful run. Something this game is known for being absolutely brutal for is the RNG and requires it in many pivotal points of the speedrun.

Here is the clip of it happening, and the monster/beast chart which shows that the Air type monster, Griffon, became the Air type beast, Sylph, which can be found here: http://shrines.rpgclassics.com/gb/ffl3/transform.shtml

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The flushex moves characters one step towards human/mutant. That is, monsters become beasts, beasts become human/mutant, robots become cyborgs, and cyborgs become human/mutant.

The flushex does not change a character's element when it transforms them from monster to beast, nor when it changes them from robot to cyborg.

However, any character that goes back to being a human/mutant (whether by using the flushex; or, by installing / eating, such as having a cyborg eat meat) will revert to their starting element. For example, Arthur becoming human (through any means) will always revert his element to fire.

Cheers :)

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British Columbia, Canada

So, to use an example, let's say Gloria is an earth-type beast. She can either eat fire-type beast meat to become an air-type beast; or she can eat fire-type monster meat to become an air-type monster, then flushex back to an air-type beast. But, flushex her back to mutant, and she'll revert to water-type.

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I had suspected this is how the chain worked, it could prove useful with the Glitchless No Manip Route in being able to get the ideal transformations. Usually it is not that difficult, but I have had runs where there was just no meat drops.

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