Patching the game.
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Patching the game.


Having never speedrun a FF in the current or last generation I have no idea how often updates for these types of games (JRPG/FF) happen, and how often they affect routing among other things.

Having speedrun a reasonable amount of Destiny I can tell you that the game as it is now is nothing like how it was 2 years ago, and some of the tricks/gitches you could do can no longer be performed (due to a patch removing them). That meant that the post 2.1 runs could never be as fast as the pre-2.1 runs(that used a movement trick). Having a game that gets patched/changed often is a bit unpleasant to run.

I'd like to ask the community how often things like this happen for this type of game in the current "always connected to the internet" era.


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Hey ~

I've heard that FFXV will receive an 8 GB big Day One patch to improve performance and other various things. Other than that you can't really make a rule based off of other games. Nothing indicates whether or not the game will be patched once or onehundred times. All that's left for us is to play the game as is and react to whatever Square does with it.

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I don't imagine a game like Final Fantasy would be getting big game changing updates changing game mechanics, but potentially minor glitch fixes and smaller content patches (more than likely extra side content). Likely wouldn't have a significant impact if any on the speedrun, but can't say for sure until we see any future updates :)