Discord Link?
2 years ago

I am interested in running this game in the future, but the discord link attached in a forum post is invalid. Is there a way I can get a discord invite?

Hey! For some odd reason the invite link was invalid, but even weirder is that I never got the notification of this reply. Do you think you can just make a link that never expires?


In case someone else is looking for the link

https://discord.gg/0tjIC3eQA7VFd6Qw (all Final Fantasy Games)

https://discord.gg/X3qXHWG (FFX and FFX-2)


To the mods: You can add a Discord link when you edit the game and put the permanent invite link there (Edit game -> Community Discord server). It creates a small Discord icon below the Follow button that people can click to get the invitation.

Tbh I kind of went to the FF Speedrun server to then find the FFX server manually since I figured nobody was getting a notification