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I don't like your sloppy timing method and therefore I made a more accurate one myself.

I have recorded the beginning of the game (the intro sequence) with 3 different emulators (VBA 1.8.0, bgb 1.5.1 and BizHawk 1.9.3 which uses Gambatte's core). All 3 emulators have been recorded via OBS @60 FPS.

The comparison video is timed from the first frame the navigation hand disappears in the menu until the first frame the hand appears on screen after all the dialogues.


VBA: frame 293 - frame 26077 = 25784 frames (07:09.440)
bgb: frame 294 - frame 26320 = 26026 frames (07:13.460)
bizhawk: frame 293 - frame 26320 = 26027 frames (07:13.470)

VBA is running 242/243 frames (or ~4 seconds) faster than the other 2 emulators in a 7 minutes and 13 seconds video.

Conclusion: Visualboy Advance is super inaccurate and should be banned forever from all classic GB and GBC games as it is running at higher frame rate (60 FPS) than a normal gameboy would run (59.73 FPS). Sorry but this emulator is simply not acceptable. By the way my comparison video shows only that VBA is running at higher frame rate and does not even show the inaccuracy in lag emulation which is another big issue of that particular emulator but the higher frame rate is reason alone to ban it 😉

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