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Hello there, new member here
Are there any romhacks of this game (Final Fantasy Legend II)
And if so, would we submit them here ?
Unsure if a sub-board/forum would needed to be created for it.
Again, new here and I hope this is posted in the correct location.

Just found a thread about "Rom Hack" request :
So if I find one or even make a Rom Hack of this game (Final Fantasy Legend II)
Would I contact the Moderator of this forum or reply to the above thread ?


I think this Forum would be a good place to start, let us know!

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I believe I found a rom hack of this game at on point. It was to make it harder. I'll see if I can find it and comment again.

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Cool, thanks for the heads up.
I will work on making one myself (romhack of FFL2)
Will need about a week or two to test it out before submitting it online.


Yeah, did a little searching and found one called "neoFFL2"
I think it was up to version 5.102
Would that be the one you are talking about ?


Yup I believe it is. If you want me to test it let me know! I have played this game enough to enough it from a different standpoint! Lol. @breaktubebreaktube

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Awesome, knowing that someone wants to try it out will keep me inspired to finish it.
It should take about two weeks to finalize my own rom hack.
It looks like I will study up on Hex-Editing
And then make the changes I want afterwards !
I will try to make it easy to speedrun


What are you switching around in the game if you don't mind me asking.

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Hard to say, at the moment.
But open to share the change-log after it is finished.
With that said, I can keep you up with the progress.
I have just tested "First World" and everything seems to be working okay.
Will test our "Ashura's World" this weekend
And continue from there (making changes along the way)

After a lot of trial and error..."Ashura's World" is complete.
Moving onto "Giants' World" which should not be too tricky.
Since "Apollo's World" is after that...will take a break then do more testing.

Small update,
Giant's World and Apollo's World is complete.
Guardian's World should be simple and then onto Venus' World.
Almost at the half-way mark...I hope people will be able to speed run this hack

Update again,
Guardian's Base Ruins, Guardian's Town Ruins, and Monster's Lair are complete.
Just starting on Venus' World...but plan to take my time while testing a few things.
Also, I feel like "Race World" will need some special attention.
At the half-way point now, and while I feel like my skill is limiting what I can do
I am happy with the updates I have made so far !

Another update,
Completed "Venus' World" and "Race World"
Might go back an change some things...but as of now it works as is.
Starting on "Edo World" now
Currently trying not to spike the difficulty too high >_<"

Progress update,
So "Edo World" is now complete
It took a lot more effort to get the balance right.
With a little practice, it should be speed runnable.
However, depending on your party setup
The RNG can make the boss battles challenging.
Next...I am going to skip over "Nasty World"
And focus on "Valhalla World" and then "Final World"

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Hmm...figure I would make a reply after so many 'EDITS'
Finished my playthrough of the hack !
There are some challenging random encounters and boss battles
But it really depends on your team setup.
Overall, I feel that I have simplified the game to a point
Where even a new comer to the game could speed run it.
Going to take this week to review a few things and make small edits.
After that, I plan on releasing the game with a change log
To help future speed runners have fun with this game.

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Nice! I look forward to this hack. If you want / need someone to test it let me know. I'll see what I can do.

So is it just a harder version of the original game?

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Awesome, I would like someone to run through the game at bit to get some feedback.
Hmm...I would not say harder
But for the first half of the game, your party can be stronger than normal.
Because of that, things were moved around and changed a bit.
Bosses, on the other hand, might take an extra turn or two to defeat.
It really comes down to what kind of party to chose to start with.
Also, I have now finished final checks/testing today.
So the hack should be public tomorrow or Monday.
After that, I just need to know what I would need to do
To setup this hack for speed running.

Hack has been submitted on
It should be visible in about 24~48 hours.
I will also try to get it hosted on other sites.
Now that the hard part is done...
How do I set up this hack so it can be speed ran ?

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