Leaderboard Changelog
6 years ago

The leaderboard overhaul is now complete! Sorry if you got spammed with a lot of notifications! Below is a brief rundown of the changes that were made.

New Category: Any% This is a category where you warp to the credits using the poison glitch. Currently the route only works on SGB1 and SGB2. With some more research on how the credits warp works, it should be possible to do it on every console.

Renamed Categories What was previously Any% is now No Credits Warp. Any% Warp is now No Memory Corruption. 100% is now All Chests. With warps is now No Memory Corruption, RTA. Without warps is now Glitchless, No Hard Resets. Challenge Runs is where the 4 Monsters, 4 Robots, 4 Humans, 4 Mutants runs are now located.

If you have an idea for a new category or challenge run, or want to add a new RNG manipulation ruleset for an existing sub-category in Challenge Runs, please say so, and it'll be added.

New Sub-categories: RTA, No Hard Resets, Single Segment. These are based on rule sets for the manipulation of RNG. No Hard Resets is how the previous Glitchless category was played, only soft resets are allowed, but not to skip past random encounters. RTA lets you save and reset however much you want, allowing the RNG to be your plaything. Single Segment disallows all resets, requiring you to go to war with the RNG you have, not the one you want. Since there's now leaderboards for runs that manipulate RNG across all categories, feel free to start experimenting and enjoy getting Teleport from Dunatis 100% of the time.

All categories and sub-categories now have up to date rules. Please double check the rules before starting runs if you're unsure of them.

Timing of Runs The timing of runs has been changed to the selection of "New Game" to Arsenal being defeated. When "Arsenal falls." or "Defeated 1." is printed, specifically. The only exception is Any% which ends timing when "The End" appears. Most of the drastic changes were runs in the Glitchless category where most runs ended time at "The End". Every run outside of that category, if there was any changes to a time, was by a second or two due to the new end point being slightly before most everyone split. Any runs that were done on SGB1 should now have the correct time listed.

Some times were unable to be changed due to no video existing anymore. These are all obsoleted runs, so there's no requirement to re-upload them. If you think a time is inaccurate, please notify me and I can take another look at it.

Emulation There's now standardized rules for emulator use based on accuracy in frame rate and RNG listed on each category. As far as I know, this shouldn't effect anyone on the leaderboard currently using emulators. Emulated GBC runs were changed to emulated GB runs. This is mostly a cosmetic change for the sake of accurate record keeping, but could matter in the future for RNG manipulated runs.

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