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hi there, i'm sorry if this question has been asked before but i read through some of the more recent threads and couldn't find it.

the rules for any% state that turbo is banned but the tutorials by luz, onynekyu and pingval all mention 20hz or 30hz turbo... is this just so you know how fast you have to mash or is turbo allowed for this specific segment or what's the deal hear? '^^


Short answer: No, turbo is not allowed for anything except the JP version currently.

Luzbelheim and pingval both have ran the JP version of the game, where turbo is allowed. For that category, if you use a 20 Hz or a 30 Hz turbo, it changes which patterns you can get. With a 30 Hz turbo you will only see frames 1 or 2 (Elastoid or Malboro patterns), with 20 Hz turbo you will also see the 3rd frame (Biggs & Wedge) every now and then. For that reason, if you use 30 Hz turbo you can only practice the first 2 patterns and use cards that win only those 2. When Luzbelheim originally found the early Quistis method, he only found the first 2 frames to be winnable because of his card selections, but as pingval used the 20 Hz turbo he worked out the cards needed to win all 3 patterns, that's why people will refer to these card selections as Luzbelheim or pingval cards / strats.

For the PC version and NA console version, where turbo is not allowed, the pingval method is obviously the preferred method since it gives you an extra frame that you can win.

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ok thanks a lot for the detailed answer