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Whilst I can see people sticking with win 7 and liking it (I am also lazy about my OS), and the idea of being as open as possible. I feel the side effects of allowing win 7 is too much. So my opinion would be option 4, with option 3 being a compromise if people want.

Reasons why:
Getting windows 7 to run on newer hardware (and this becomes a bigger problem as time goes on) is challenging. With newer architectures, its going to be a huge pain for a new runner who wants to compete for a good time.
We have to assume the average user isn't tech savvy enough to know how to dual boot, so whichever OS they use for general use, is also the OS they speedrun on. Forcing the users to deal with win 7 is unfair in my opinion. For example, the applications I use at my work are only compatible with win 8+. So by choosing to run our game, they are sacrificing a lot.

Lastly, the reason I think option 3 is a compromise is because it creates ambiguity over who "really" has WR. Who has the better run, the win 10 runner, or the win 7 runner? I also am guessing over time, the win 7 category will fade out leaving a dead category.

I don't run PC, only console. But I feel my opinion is relevant as it will affect newcomers to the scene and how our community grows.


I agree with Windows. If you really love this game and want to see it flourish as a speedrun, saying that the main category needs to be run on an old OS to be competitive and to play it in French is just doing it a massive disservice. Main PC category (or categories with split for remaster) should be W10 default and English.

On the point of language, if you want to have a French category, fine, but make it a secondary category. It's not the fastest language. Japanese is. If you want to run Japanese version, get that and run it. It's possible if your goal is really the fastest time possible. Otherwise have some sense and have it be the language that the majority of the world speaks.

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For most people its even harder to get a japanese copy of the old pc version than getting a computer for around 150 bux that can play ff8 pretty well on win7. we can even stream with a second computer without the need of a capture card. people do the effort getting certain consoles and expensive capture cards to be competitive. and we will still be able in a few years to get a cpu that is compatible with win 7. sure takes some effort but that's part of speedrunning imo.

at some point it will be hard to get a working ps2. we even need a 90k model. we could also say since a ps2 is an old system and at some point will be rare to get we should only run on emulator*. its EASIER

if i respect that the difference for the remaster between win7 and win10 is not that huge anymore like before and that the game runs slower than the old version even on win7 i would say going with win10 for the remaster would be fine.. would be nice to see many ppl run the game, but even tho I don't think so, the hype is just there atm..

tbh i dont get the aspect that win7 is a old system, there still ways. and I don't think just because of the majority of the world speak english, that the run have to be english. the fastest language should count. when its chinese, well then its CHN..

sorry for so much writing but i think choosing something that is SLOWER in a SPEEDRUN just because its EASIER to realize is wrong.. but just my opinion.

sorry for copy the luzCAPS

I'm for 3. or 4.


I'll go with options 3 and 4, in this order. You guys already stated the pros and cons of those choices.


Thank you all for voicing your opinions. Seems like the majority of you agree that Windows 7 should be banned, and the majority of people who voted for separate categories are also fine with banning Windows 7. We have decided to ban Windows 7 runs from the HD PC categories.