Final Fantasy VIII Forum  /  New category for Dollet Escape with Windows 7 banned and "Cards" option changes

We have added a new category for the Dollet Escape where Windows 7 is banned. The rules are the same as the PC Any% (No Windows 7), so it requires you to have an FPS meter on screen (Steam or better) and Windows 7 is banned. There are no language restrictions. Note that this category only accepts runs from the 2013 version and not from the HD Remaster as the remaster has the option to select Japanese language which also skips all the tutorials and thus is quite different.

We have also changed the "Cards" selection to be "Route" and have added the option to select "ECM" as an option. ECM stands for Early Card Mod, which is starting to take off as a route. The route still uses Q+Z cards, but refines them earlier to get the powerful items from these cards earlier.
The "Cards" option has always been a quick and easy way to see which route the run was done with (Q only or Q+Z), but since now ECM is another route that uses the same cards but is significantly different, this change was done to easily differentiate between these runs.

I would also like to thank everyone who has ran the Any% (No Windows 7) category and also congratulate everyone on their new PBs. The creation of the category has been a major success and in these few short months has already seen 15 people submitting runs and many more starting to learn the game. With this in mind, we might be creating a separate tab for non-Windows 7 runs in the near future so the categories aren't forever staying mixed together and unnecessarily jumble up the PC section.

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