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Hi, I was wandering why PC version was shorter than playing it on console?


Loading times are much shorter on PC. Switching screens, battle start/end etc. are all shorter on PC and saves about an hour or more because of that. If the loading times were the same, PC would actually be slightly slower since the Rinoa skip is only doable on console.


Sush here, guy who did the first PC segmented run (with the bad midi's which isn't listed anywhere anymore). Just want to say it's great to see people being active running this game still and looking for new time savers and glitches.

I think I might have to have a go at an RTA run at some point in the near future!


Is it allowed to bind some keys (like X and S) on the mouse wheel ?
The rules don't say it's forbidden but some friend think it can be.

My apologies for my English.


Yes you can bind any key to any button. The only limitation is that you can't setup and use turbo fire (at least in the main categories)