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I was wondering if there is any specific tips/advice people could give me for the Duel inputs for this fight? I cannot for the life of me do it fast enough to kill him in one cycle.

I'm using W1ndows very awesome Zell-Less Any% notes by the way.


use your keyboard to do it SeemsGood

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It requires a lot of practice and even then it's really hard. The timing is really tight. One tip I can give you is that you can actually start giving the inputs very slightly before you see the screen so if you get the intuitive timing down for all the moves you can give the timing more perfectly. The side effect of this is that sometimes you give the first input too early and you miss it and thus lose more time than if you had waited. Just practice practice practice.

Other than that, there is a 2nd strat for the fight:
Use the Str junctions (Ifrit) on Squall and use Zell's duel like normal until Diablos has 1000 HP or so (When Meteor Strike deals 350~ damage) and then use Renzokuken. The upside here is that you need to do less inputs during Duel but the downside is that you need both Zell and Squall Low HP so you kinda rely on Gravija.

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Thanks for the replies!

I did wonder if keyboard could potentially be faster, I'll give that a go later. I'll maybe give that alternative strat a try if I can't get it but like you said, I probably just need to practice with Zell more.

I think this is the first non-RNG related stumbling block so far for me but hopefully I'll get there. I find the menus quite challenging to do fast as well but I get them eventually (when I can remember them).

Also I wish Zell would not crit himself so often for me haha.

Thanks again.

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If you use PC version, if helps, I usually practice on normal-low level battles and spam his limit (with the Assist Booster enabled), you should get the timming down after some attemps, from there, practice makes perfection.

Although, you may notice sometimes this version drops some imputs from time to time, just be prepared for it.

That's why I always recomend to not go for the one cycle on PC, go for Zell (no junctions) and Squall (With Ifrit) combo, its more RNG based because you need 2 characters in low HP, but if Diablos opens up with gravija, is the fastest strat you can get (Even faster than 1 cycle with Zell)

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