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After recent events, where a very good run died at Ultimecia ( /hug W1ndows), i decided to do some testing.

Problem: At the french version of the Steam Release, Hero/Holy War has a chance to miss, which causes the character to die to Grievers Schockwave Pulsar.

Setup for testing: To figure out if that problem only exists in the french version, i installed every language of the game and used 400 Hero on 3 different junctioned characters (each character used a Hero on himself as soon as the old one ran out).

- Zell: No Vitality-, Magic-J or Spirit-J
- Selphie: Vitality-J, but no Magic-J or Spirit-J
- Squal: No Vitality-J, no Magic-J but Spirit-J

- English: 0/400
- French: 52/400
- Italian: 46/400
- German: 36/400
- Spanish: 32/400

Observation: During all tests, not a single time did the Hero miss on Zell or Selphie. Every single miss happens on the character with a high Spirit-Value (i switched around, to make). After knowing that Spirit seems to be the issue, i raised Squalls spirit to 255 and threw 100 Hero and 100 Holy War on him.

Holy War at 255 Sprit:
- French: 29/100
Hero on 255 Spirit:
- French: 24/100

I then continued with switching stats around: 255 Magic, no Spr-J. Not a single Miss in 200 uses.
As next test, i juntioned 100 Breaks onto Squall, set his Magic at the same value and did another test with 100 Hero & 100 Holy Wars. Not a single miss. The same test with higher values (100, 150 and 200 Spirit) gave me the same result, as long as his Magic-Value matched his Spirit-Value.


Conclusion: To make sure that Hero/Holy War doesn't miss on a character in any language but english, the Magic-Value has to be higher or equal to the targets Sprit-Value.

Extra: After 100 uses of Aura Stone at a character with 255 Spirit, not a single miss happened.

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Nice Ahra, good to know 🙂

1 Question though: last year I had an issue during a run, can't remember much since it's almost 1 year since that happening. I popped Hero on Irvine on Ultimecia Phase2 ... and by Phase 3 it already ran out.
Can't remember much about that run, i didn't check if I still have vods of that.

As far as you know, what are the maths about Hero/Holy War duration and any interaction with Ultimecia's spells and/or junction missing/removed?


I honestly don't think that your junctions woulld influence the duration of a Hero. I could imagine that you skipped too many turns with spamming Circle, while ATB was active, causing Hero to run out quickly. Some more details would be helpful.


Hero can miss in JP console version also. I didn't know about the stats affecting it though. I never had it miss in NA console version, but maybe when I played NA version I never used it on a character with high spirit.


I would like to do some testing regarding that, but i am not sure if i would be able to emulate the japanese version.

Edit: I actually got it working, so if there is something to test on the japanese version, then i am up for it.


Anything else known that's different on English/Other Languages?


As far as we know that's the only difference gameplay wise. The faster text scrolling in the French version does make some timing based stuff slightly different, though. Such as the vallve minigame where you have to mash, it's pretty much impossible to do first try on French while it's been done on English version. The party manipulation at Ultimecia's castle is also slightly different, instead of waiting 2s (as in English version) you have to wait a bit more, but I think the most common way to do it currently is to walk 9 steps instead of standing still for X amount of time.