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Hey everyone, ive recently started to learn the FF8 early quistis + Zell-less strat. Im having trouble with the Diablos fight right now as the guide shows the button inputs using a PSX controller, yet if I use my controller it gives button inputs such as B1 and B2. I did see a mod that would change these inputs for me but I cant find if it is allowed or not.

Is there any way to work around this problem or is there any advice that can be given? I have read the other thread about Diablos and Duel but it wasn't quite what i was looking for.



No, the mod that changes the button icons is not allowed. If you are following my notes, then you are likely having trouble with the inputs because I have my circle and triangle buttons switched, so Meteor Strike for example is Down Triangle Up Triangle, when with the default options it's Down Circle Up Circle. For PC buttons the button in-between is the button that opens the menu IIRC. So Down Menu Up Menu is the general inputs needed.

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Ah ok that does help thank you!