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Hello, I'm new to speedrunning and in the learning the ropes stage, but I've fallen in love with FFVIII and would really like to speedrun it! However, I can't seem to get the concept of the early Quistis card patterns no matter how much I try. I've looked at varying patterns through the Pingval method and the sort, and though I understand the plays, I can't quite grasp how to get the groupie to play his pattern. Is there a trick I am missing to make this happen? Thanks in advance!


My understanding of what you're saying is about getting groupie to play the right cards. To ensure you get a good pattern you need to confirm the card game on the first, second or third frame possible. Each of these will give you a good pattern. Choosing the correct cards is also important (Geez/Fung/Gayla/Fast/Cat).

Frame 1 yields Elastoid - This is the card you look for
Frame 2 yields Marlboro - This is the card you look for
Frame 3 yields Biggs/Wedge - This is the card you look for.

Once you have a good pattern you just play your cards in precise positions. My notes describe it thus:

Elastoid - Gayla mid top - Cat mid right - Fung right bot - Fast left top
Marlboro - Fung right mid - Gayla right bot - Fast mid bot - Geez top mid
Biggs/Wedge - Fung right top - Fast mid - Gayla - right bot - Cat - left mid

Also, the long document about card manipulation has this information if you read through it thoroughly. Let me know if this doesn't work for you. All the best!

- Tako

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