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So there of course there is the chocobo item dupe exploit if i was to add this to the the Any% run would it have to be in a new category, i have used pre-game prep leveling up my chocobo and gaining items. These items can be brought in game by opening the chocobo save menu and sending the chococo back and forth, this can be done multiple times. Since the rules state you can do pregame prep is this still within the rules?

Since this is technically in-game menuing (no outside apps) just like the mug glitch for ff7 to gain speed and power source.

Im new to speedruns just really wanted to know 🙂


Pre run manipulation is not same as pre-run prep. Using an already leveled Chocobo World file is not within the rules and would have to be a new category. I don't think that category would be played anyway since Any% is faster than if you actually went through the trouble of completing a chocobo forest and getting Boko.

The chocobo world glitch is used in the 100% categories but even there the chocobo file is a new file that is started at the start of the run.