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DATE: Sunday, March 20th. 14:00PM (Gmt+0)
(You are still on time to join!)

Timezone conversor:
FAQ and in-deph info:

Welcome to the 2016 edition of Squall is not Dead, a multiplatform FF8 race where everyone is more than welcome, even if you are learning the game, or you don't have a clue about the speedrun.

The main goal is to have more people interested in the game, know each other better, and mostly, have fun during the event. If you want to join, it's pretty easy! Just type your name on the google document above, and fill the information with the dates you are avalible.

The new adition this year.... is we will host PRIZES! for the winner, don't miss your oportunity and join!

- PC, Console, and Emulator are allowed. (PC preferable)
- Any language on PC is also allowed.
- You can save and load the same file.

- You can't use any of the Cheat aditions of the PC version (F1, F2....)
- You can't load a different savefile than the ones you create during the race.

The winner will get a free Steam copy of FF9, neat!
And also.... there is a hidden prize if you manage to finish the game with Squall NOT diying at ANY point of the game, don't dare to skip those healing menus, will you take the RISK!? 😉 (Shouts to Logeek for achieving thing last year)

Other Information
- We will use the Quadra Kings discord channel as the default voice chat. There are plenty of rooms, and 4 dedicated for this race.


I'm coming for that FFIX Steam copy!


Not sure if i will be in it, but brothers_88 is hyped.


Considering the game gets released on time Kappa

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100% joining 🙂


Aw yiss ❤️


Can Laguna be dead at some point during dreams if revived before exiting it ? because technicaly he isn't Squall ahah


Laguna can die in pepperoni, but you better revive him before he switches to Squall... 🙂


I updated the information a bit, it starts in a few days, let the word spread!


Hi all, when is the next race? i've been trying to nail an any% run for ages now and I need some more incentive to get off my backside and actually set aide the time to run lol