Final Fantasy VIII Forum  /  Vote about the creation of a new category for the 2013 PC version which would ban Windows 7

Here's the information and the vote. Voting will be up for about 2 weeks.

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Reminder that this poll will be closed next Saturday (EU time). If you haven't voted yet, go do it. If you aren't sure whether your vote counts, vote anyway. We will handle the filtering in the end.


I have closed the poll. We will be analyzing the results and discussing it tomorrow (Sunday 14th). Thank you everyone for voting, we got quite a high number of votes, 49!

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We have decided (based on a quick Discord poll) to filter the votes on the basis that people who have completed a run of any FF8 category were eligible to vote. Based on this filtering the votes were 14 for No language restriction, 10 for English required and 10 for Two categories (English and non-English). Based on this result we have decided to create a category with the following extra rules:
Windows 7 is banned.
Steam FPS overlay (or better) required.

We will be working on creating a quick guide to get the Steam FPS overlay working and visible ASAP, but it is easy.

We have also added a new rule to every category except PSX JP Any%, where If you reset at any point, you have to point out the time stamp of the reset in the comments of the run. This is to make it easier for the moderators to verify the run.
We have also added a rule that requires the entire game window must be visible on the video. This is to make it impossible to use the boosters and not have the text of the booster being active not visible.

Thank you everyone who voted. We are very happy to have moved forward in making a new category where people can compete with up-to-date software and hardware.

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