Final Fantasy VIII Forum  /  Separation of Windows 7 and non-Windows 7 categories

We have no separated the Windows 7 and non-Windows 7 PC categories from each other and instead crated new tabs for PC and PC (Windows 7).

This allows us to create new categories, such as Booster% and 100% for non-Windows 7 runs without cluttering the PC tab with duplicate categories (one for Windows 7 and one for Non-Windows 7). You will surely see those categories made in the future as people start running them, now that there is space for them. Creation of these categories will still require interest in them and are not going to be created automatically, so go out and run them if you want to see them created!

The naming has also changed. We used to have PC Any% (No Windows 7), which was the odd one out banning Windows 7. As that category is (and likely will be) much more active than the Windows 7 ones, we have decided to name the non-Windows 7 category as PC and the categories which have been done using Windows 7 are now PC (Windows 7). We feel like this is best going forward as we expect the Windows 7 runs to be very few and far between in the future and thus leaving the awkward naming convention behind.

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