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So my goal here is to try and gather opinions about the removal of co-op categories from pretty much anyone. If you have an argument for or against the removal, feel free to express it. I have talked and have asked @kaivelkaivel to talk to the runners of the categories about how they feel about the removal and half of them care and half of them don't really mind. It seems like barring any developments these two categories will be removed.

The reason I feel like these categories don't belong in the leaderboards is that the co-op runs are mostly just for fun and not for competition, something you can do with your friend for fun but you aren't going to take too seriously. They don't bring anything interesting to the run, it's just the same any% except done with two/three people.

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Agreed to remove co-op

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Bottom of the leaderboards opinion incoming but I agree with W1ndows in they seem "...mostly just for fun and not for competition." With how the submissions work, one person could hold all "places" as long as they brought a different team which does seem a bit odd for a leaderboard. To counter myself real quick Resident Evil 5's co-op leaderboard works the same way, same person holds 1st & 3rd place with a different partner but in a game actually involving co-op not just passing a controller. I see the argument of "That's why it's in miscellaneous," but those categories are limiting the runners inside the game with mechanics not outside the game with more players. Just seems more like a fun ruleset for a marathon or fundraising event as opposed to something truly competitive.

Just want to double back and say this is not shots fired at the co-op runners, those are a fun watch and I enjoy all runs of FF8. Just giving an opinion for the discussion.