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You save in front of ultimecia castle, press [esc] to exit game relaunch it, load. and for the party, either 2sc or walk 9 steps. ircc


Yeah, reset means a hard reset. You have to close the game and re-launch it from the launcher, the launcher does not have to be closed.

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There are two possible ways to do the Ultimecia battle, as you have noticed:
1) Use 2 Heros in Griever phase
This allowed you to keep a 2nd character alive that can attack Ultimecia in the final phase where you need to hit her 5 times with over 100 damage. This makes the strat overall slightly faster than the other strat.
On the downside though, you have to know how to react to Ultimecias moves if you cannot kill her before Hero runs out. You also need to be able to predict when Hero will run out.

2) Use 1 Hero in Griever phase and 1 Hero in last phase
With this strategy you will have only Irvine in last phase attacking Ultimecia. This means that she will almost always be able to draw Apocalypse and (unless you kill the lower part) cast Apocalypse as well.
This strategy is safer than the other in certain circumstances, but almost always slower. You don't need to react to much other than casting Hero on yourself right as the first Hero runs out.
What do I mean when I say react to Ultimecias moves? You need to know when Ultimecia does certain moves. She always starts with at least 2x Hell's Judgment, these are not dangerous.
After the 2nd one, if she is below 50% HP (if you have used Irvine's limit break, she will be) she can do Draw Apocalypse. At this point, you need to be able to know whether you can kill her before her next turn or not. If you determine that you cannot, then you have to kill the lower part of Ultimecia. Usually this is done by using Fire Ammo by Irvine.
When the lower part is killed, she can cast Hell's Judgment again, or she can cast Flare, Holy, Meteor and Ultima. All of these will kill Irvine if he is low HP.


Not a bad time, keep doing it and you will get better with every run! And no problem! 🙂